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Hello lovely being…


As part of our ongoing desire to protect this planet we have the good fortune to be guests of, we try wherever we can to abide by a certain

narrative while visiting.

The following is a small insight into our philosophy, it is by no means comprehensive but is an indication of our intent.



A working Ethos.


Ethical grounding: Scariodintts Ltd, Scariodintt Publisharys,  all products, actions and conduct connected to, around and for, should be carried out with a mindful, planet friendly, humane ethos including but not limited to the following:


Planet friendly/Vegan: all materials sourced and used must be vegan, therefore containing no animal products or animals harmed before, during or after the production of any of our products, be they physical or otherwise, as far as can be reasonably established.


Environmentally sound: to have no to minimal impact on the environment, both on a local and global level. To cause no harm or damage to the environment locally or on a global level before, during or after the production, as far as can be reasonably established.


Humanitarian considerations: all work relating to, on behalf of and for the above property should be done so with courtesy, kindness and with the wellbeing and safety of all beings connected to or subsequent users of any of our products, be they physical or otherwise.

This to be at the forefront of all actions.

This is to extend to the wider community outside of our immediate fan base.

This is a global requirement.


And finally…

Scariodintt Publisharys are blessed to have been welcomed into the worlds of so many beings and achieving the phenomenal success that The Octunnumi has in such a short space of time.

It is essential to us that we remain mindful as we grow that each of our wonderful community of beings know they are individually appreciated and are of great importance to us in our world.

The Octunnumi adventure comes with a

conscience from the

paper to the packaging.

Scariodintt Publisharys strive to respect the

planet and each other.

We strongly advocate both the production and distribution of our products within the same territories and are actively looking to collaborate with the very best businesses across the globe to achieve a high quality, low carbon footprint, ethically sound product – whether it be a book or a bookmark. Scariodintt Publishary and The Octunnumis' focus is that our actions not be at the expense of the planet or fellow beings – all beings, that is.

Unfortunately, this can mean that the cost of a product can be higher when considering the future than when just looking for the here and now.

We are forever finding that our options are either that it costs the earth or it costs the earth – for us, we always seek to ensure that our actions are planet and being-friendly at all times.

Now is the time to be the change and if we all take small steps in whatever industry we are in then there will be the change we need to leave behind a better place than the one we are currently creating.

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